Sunday, April 26, 2009

Surface Tension Tension By:Brent Runyon

This is a novel during the four summer vacations of Luke and his family Mother & Dad at the lake at their cottage. Luke's first trip to the cottage he was 13 years old , by the the way he is the main character 0f the novel. The cottage is close to a lake, so Luke is happy to be there. He explores a lot, and can skip flat stones on the surface of the lake. There cottage on the lake has their own cove. There are a couple of of other cottages close to Luke's cottage.The Richardson family are next door neighbors to Luke, and his family that Luke gets to know. The furthest cottage is is owned by a Minister, who is very odd, and unlikeable. The telephone between the cottages is a party line, which means, the phone cannot be used if another family is talking on the phone. It seems the location of the cottages where not near any stores, or even a drugstore. When you traveled to your cottage you had to plan, & bring your supplies for a couple of weeks.
This novel shows the reader how we are formed by, or shaped by both both the place, and people we love. As Luke gets older, we learn how he deals with incidents that happen to him around the cottage . After Luke turns 16 he has no interest to go anytime to the cottage.
On one occasion, Luke finds a waterfall that intrigues him. He jumps from a high cliff into a river. Luke's father gets out of storage a kayak that's fun on the lake. The problem with Luke at 16, he had a girlfriend, he was really in love with her. Luke had a cell phone that had no reception to reach her from the cottage. The girlfriend attended drama school, while Luke was at the Lake. The girlfriend ended up two timing Luke. The novel was good, & was fast reading, plus interesting were Luke's incidents at a summer cottage. This can happen to anyone of us.
LRD 4/26/09

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