Friday, April 03, 2009

The Big Splash by Ferraiolo

Vinny, the most bullied kid at Franklin Middle School, takes matters into his own hands when he sets up a "hit" on his tormentor. Right in front of all the kids in a full lunch time cafeteria, the kid is splashed with a liquid making it appear that he has peed in his pants. He skulks away never to bully again. It doesn't take long before kids are asking Vinny to hit their tormentors as well. He sets up business in a corner of the lunchroom. For a small fee, Vinny will arrange for one of his henchmen to take out the offender. All is well til someone makes a hit on a former Vinny follower, without Vinny's permission. Who did this dastardly deed? Why? Enter Matt Stevens who has made a name for himself in mystery solving. He is "hired" by Vinny to get the truth behind the hit. It proves to be a twisted and surprising plot involving many characters. Its kind of a fun mystery, its kind of fun to imagine that the kids control the school they attend - COMPLETELY, but its kind of unbelievable. I mean how many middle school kids can have a locker full of water pistols and super soakers, and how on earth does one get cat pee into a balloon?
JDW 4/3/09

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