Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Look Both Ways - Jacquelyn Mitchard

After the events in The Midnight Twins Merry and Mallory are ready just to be regular girls in high school. When Mallory dreams of a white lion walking through the school, and sees a pair of hands putting tape on a cheerleader's shoes, she knows that danger has surfaced once again in their lives. As they figure out what Mallory's dreams mean, Mallory is invited to a pow-wow by her friend Eden. There she learns about the history of the tribe and that Eden is supposed to become the medicine woman for the tribe, even though she believes that her destiny lies elsewhere. As the weeks go by reports pop up of a white lion roaming the woods. Merry and Mallory find out that it was Kim who put tape on the head cheerleader's shoes because her mom wanted her to get onto Varsity so badly that Kim would do anything to get on the squad. Around Thanksgiving Mallory and Merry find out that their mom is pregnant, and wants to attend Medical School. At the twins birthday party on New Years Eve Eden and her brother get into a fight about her destiny and Eden wanting to be with James. As spring break approaches Eden decides to leave and go be with James, but destiny has a different fate in mind for Eden.

T.B. 4/22/09

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