Friday, April 24, 2009

If I Stay by gayle forman

Fans of Zevin's Elsewhere and Sebold's Lovely Bones might like this. Mia, seventeen, classical musical prodigy from a loving home of hippie rock musicians, and one of the girls fortunate enough to have a boyfriend she thinks she loves and whom seems to love her back. One day when school is called due to weather, when the weather doesn't seem so bad, the family decides to take advantage, go on a day trip from which they never return. None, save Mia survive a freakish auto accident. Mia, in a coma in a hospital, can see and hear everything being said. She can out of body travel but not through walls. And, she understands that her family is gone, she is critically injured and can choose to stay and fight back to life or to go and join her family. And, she understands the profound affect her choice will ultimately have for herself, her beloved boyfriend, her grandparents, friends, relatives. Riveting, thoughtful story.

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