Sunday, March 01, 2009

Torn to Pieces By: Margot Mcdonnel

This novel is a great mystery that keeps you wondering til the last chapters of what's happening, and who did what. The main personality of the book is a 17 year old teen names Anne. She lives with her Mother, who seems to be unusual. The mother takes fequent trips out-of-town that has to do with her job. Anne does not question her Mother about the trips. Anne has a pet, which is called "Zorro." It is a black cat that lives freely in the home. By the way, Anne and her Mother live outside a town called Centerville. Anne has an older couple she calls Gramps and Grandma who really arenot her family. She feels closest to them, and when she needs help the couple will hel;p her immediately.

Anne is left by herself in her Mother's house for two weeks without knowing the situation the Mother is involved. One night the house is robbed while Anne is sleeping. The robbers beat up Anne , and she is scared. Her Mother now has disappeared, and could be dead. Mother has left no trace . A lawyer visits Anne, and informs her the Mother is not dead, but now has a new identity. The plot thickens, and I do not have the liberty to tell you. Read the novel, and you will find out the details. If you like mysteries the novel is excellent. LRD 3/1/09

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