Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Princess of the Midnight Ball By: Jessica Day George

This novel is fantasy at it's peak. It actually is a fairy tale that covers danger, and romance. Princess Rose is the eldest of twelve sisters condemned to dance nightly for the wicked King UnderStone in his Palace deep within the earth.
Rose meets Galen, a young soldier turned gardener with an eye for adventure, and a personality that is much like, Rose's. Galen is attracted to Rose, and their relationship start to grow. Even though Galen is a commoner, he attempt to court Rose by presenting a gorgeous rose to the Princess first of all. Then Galen knows the predicament of Rose, and sisters, and promises to plan a method of liberating Rose, and the sisters. The nightly trips to the underworld to dance with the son's of the King Under Stone. The King matches the Prince's with his sons who are Prince's. Every night close to midnight, Rose, and the sisters arrive for the underground Ball. which they must dance til dawn. It is very tiring, and not enjoyable to the Princess's.
Galen knows magic somewhat, and is able to travel, and follow the Pincess's without being seen. Before you arrive at King UnderStone's Palace you must cross by boat a Lake, and you walk to a gate that is gorgeous, & it is the only way to get to King UnderStone's Palace. The next problem King Gregor and the Princess's had was that the Church claimed that the family was involved in magic . The Bishop of the Church arrive at King Gregor's Palace, and tried to excommunicate all.
It was a schock! for the entire family. It meant no Christian burials, no Church marriages. But this was cleared up finally.

The book goes into details, but you need to read the novel. It was very unusual novel for me, but fascinating at the same time

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