Monday, August 31, 2009

Graceling By: Kristin Cashore

This is a novel in Spanish which I read. This is a plot which is completely fantasy it has many adventures that seem to be real, but are not. The reader is absorbed, or wrapped up into the plot. The main character of the novel Katsa has many powers. She (Katsa) is used by the King to eliminate his enemies by killing them. Katsa is liked by Lord Davit, but Katsa prefers Randa, who is tall with blue eyes. Many people in the kingdom eat deer that they hunt, and also eat fresh vegetables. The novel takes place in the Middle Ages, when people used a bow & arrow for defense. The mode of transportation are horses. Katsa places her belongings on the saddlebags on the horses. Lord Giddon enjoyed french fries to eat. Of course the main Character of the novel is a female called Katsa. Katsa wanted no children or husband. King Leck of Monmar was generous person and caring too for his people in the Kingdom
Katsa you might say has a lover called Po. She goes to an Inn when the two are hunting together to spend the night. When Katsa and Po spent the night at the Inn they slept through a hurricane. Po wears a ring on each finger, but he has an explanation for each one. The path to the King's Palace is very dangerous that the two take. Po gives Katsa a nickname of mountain cat. Katsa cleans her fish by herself to eat. Now we are introduced to Gramilla, who is Po's cousin, and is given berries by Po. Po is injured by the guards of King Momart. Katsa and Grimilla leave Po behind. Katsa was able to kill panther for food and use the skins for a jacket for Gramilla to use.
Katsa and Grimilla reached an Inn where they needed baths. Katsa found 4 eggs and a squash that they shared to eat plus bead and cheese. Princess Gramilla of Monmar has the same ring as Po. Katsa and Grimilla crossed the coldest and dangerous way in the Kingdom. They arrived at a port called Lenida where there was snow and they caught a boat with a female Captain. The King de Leon died and the Kings guards found Po alive in a cave.
Katsa with her friends attended the Coronation of Gramilla who became the Queen.
This is my second fantasy book in recent times. It took me 100 pages to get liking this novel.


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