Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Problem with Paradise By:Lesley Dahl

This novel was available as a good summer read in the Y.A. section of the Library. The cover of the novel and the title of the actual novel caught my eye.

The plot of the novel was very informative, and interesting. It had to do with some Islands in the Caribbean Ocean called Eleutra Islands, which is a chain of small Islands. Many people miss out on their beauty, and peaceful environment. Hotels are few, but the beaches are white sand with many shells. To stay a couple of days on these Islands you must rent a bungalow, or a chalet. You must provide your own provisions from the local store. For example food, bedding, and clothes naturally.
In this novel we meet a new Mother, and two brothers, and an older daughter, and of course the Dad is a scientist. Casey is the daughter of the family. Their Dad is trying to save the sea turtles that are constantly stuck in the fisherman's nets. It is a very delicate task, which they are able to complete .
The teen daughter is very happy to find a a young teen who is single called Jonah, on the Island.
Unfortunately, everybody on the small Tortuga Island are going to be hit by a hurricane that is roaring to hit the Island. Fortunately,the chalet had a basement, so the teenage girl, the two brothers had a few supplies that helped them while they took cover in the small basement until
the storm was over. The young brother broke his arm,so his sister made a sling. The sister figures she needs a ride in a boat to the Island, where there is a clinic. Everything works out.
I liked the novel very much, and recommend the read as being exciting, as well as interesting to any teen.
LRD 8/6/09

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