Friday, August 28, 2009

The Rule of Claw - John Brindley

Ash, Laura, Will, Jon, and others are the only teenagers left and they live in their own camp. They know nothing of what lies beyond the fence, only that danger and death lurk out there. One day Derri comes back wounded they fear what is beyond the fence. When Derri dies Jon, Will, and everyone else head out to find what killed Derri. Ash goes along, but doesn't like that everyone is turning into savages. They find a yellow raptor and are fighting it when Ash throws the spear that kills it. Everyone celebrates that night. While Ash is in her hut she is taken by blue raptors. She is brought in front of King Tomb while there is a contingent of yellow raptors there to talk peace. With the yellow raptors is Jon, who has come to rescue Ash. The blue raptors mistake it as an attack, which leads to a battle between the blue and yellow raptors. In the battle King Tomb is killed by Prince Talon, who is now King Talon. King Talon now has his sights set on Ash and will do anything to tear her body limb from limb. Ash escapes the raptor city with help from Jon and the rodents she meets in the city. The Elder Rodent tells Ash about how the world was before the raptors took over. Armed with this knowledge can Ash save everyone she cares about back at the camp and will she be able to escape King Talon before he kills her?

T.B. 8/28/09

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