Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Blood and Chocolate By: Annette Curtis Klause

The School Library Journal sums up the book well in three words: "well-drawn, powerful, and seductive." Blood and Chocolate has a hand grasping plot that no one can resist. From page one to the end on the book , there was not a moment were I was not in suspense. It is one of those " I cant put it down" books. If you love fantasy stories about vampires, werewolves, or other fantasy creatures who are in danger for falling in love with mortals, then Blood and Chocolate is a must read!

The story is about a sixteen year old girl named Vivian who is a "beautiful loup-garou (ware wolf). Her father was the leader of the loup-garou until he was killed in a fire accident at the hotel that they used to own in West Virginia. Now, she is left with her mother the woman leader, and the rest of her pack. Esme, as well as those in the pack, yearn to find a new leader to protect their herd. The loup-garou live amongst humans in the city and try to keep a low profile but seem to have some throughout the pack that are rebels. Meanwhile, Vivian tries to find her true self. After her fathers death she does not know who she is or where she belongs. Is she a human or beast? Determined to find her inner self, Vivian draws a mural for her art class. The mural consists of a pack of wolves running in the wilderness, but they themselves seem lost. Under her mural, a boy named Aiden writes a poem that seems to fit picture perfect with the mural. Stunned, Vivian tries to figure out why she is so obsessed with this boy. Is it his scent? His curiosity in werewolves? Or is it his appearance? Aiden and Vivian begin to see each other and within their relationship Vivian makes new friends and learns more and more about her self. Unfortunately, Vivian has to try and hide Aiden from her family, they do not accept anyone from the pack to get involved with a human. Vivian's love for Aiden sends her to through different obstacles between her and her pack. From trying to ignore the loup-garou that want her as her mate, to the picking of a new leader, Vivian finds herself inter wined and seduced with one thing only: Aiden. Will the love between Aiden and Vivian be strong enough to survive these obstacles? Will she tell Aiden her secret, or will death take its toll?

Blood and Chocolate is a great novel if you are looking to read a book where the suspense, seduction, and lies never end. Although I personally was upset by the ending, many of you might find it quite surprising. GV

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