Saturday, September 12, 2009

Funny How Things Change by Wyatt

This is one of the many unremarkable - okay teens books being published in a rapidly growing market looking for stuff. Lisa and Remy have been in love since forever. The High School sweethearts now plan to marry, and move out of their beautiful but dying West Virginia mountain community. Lisa will get to go to college and Remy will work. His dream is to be a full time auto mechanic with certification. Lisa's dream is really just to escape the mountains. Remy discovers she doesn't really care about his dreams. He discovers he doesn't really know what Lisa expects to do after college. Remy still has strong feelings for her but is confused about things. Enter an artist with a summer internship who is painting the history of the area on water towers. Dana has a mature appreciation for the area and for Remy. Through her he comes to a strong understanding of how his dreams and Lisa's do not mesh and he makes decisions that are in his own best interest. Dana is a friend and not a girl friend. Though there is a hint that this could change in the future. The theme of leaving a small community with seemingly nothing left to offer has been done before as has "to thine own self be true". This is just my view.
JDW 9/9/09

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