Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins

After winning the Hunger Games, and having done the Victory Tour of all of the districts Katniss and Peeta have returned home to District 12. While on the Victory Tour, Katniss over hears a broadcast about an uprising in District 8. After she's home President Snow comes and visits her, and tells her that he will do anything to quell the uprising in District 8 and any other district that decides to revolt. Katniss decides to try and start an uprising in District 12, but Haymitch doesn't think it's the right time to cause another uprising, since half the districts have tried to rebel against the Capitol. Later on President Snow makes an announcement that the tributes for the seventy-fifth Hunger Games will be reaped from the surviving victors of the Hunger Games from each district. For Katniss that means a return to the area, along with Peeta who takes Haymitch's place on the day the reaping is done. Katniss and Peeta study videos of past Hunger Games to learn about the other tributes. They then try to make allies with the other tributes as they train for the games. Once everyone is in the arena uneasy alliances are formed and old alliances fall. Can Katniss and Peeta survive another Hunger Games or will one sacrifice the other to win the seventy-fifth Hunger Games?

Both Hunger Games and Catching Fire were enjoyable to read. The action and trying to figure out what will happen next keeps both books moving along. I couldn't put either book down, and after I was done with Catching Fire I wanted more. I can't wait until the third book comes out, which Suzanne Collins is working on now.

T.B. 9/16/09

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