Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Truth about Truman School By:Dori Butler

This novel is fiction, but very interesting about what went on in a Middle School newspaper. I was curious about the novel unravels, and pleasantly happy. The ending of the book was good too.
The problem became focused on the student Amr, who began an underground newspaper online. Anyone who attended Truman could post any subject their little heart desired. The online newspaper got out of control, and a cyberbulley began using the site to harass a popular girl from School called Lilly. The harassment on the web site affected her emotionally. She had been a cheerleader, and popular, and out going at School. She faked her illness, so she would not have to attend School for three days. Finally, she realized , and felt she could not cope with her own situation. She decided to run away from home, and she was missing from School, and home. Before she left home, she grabbed some food supplies, and water bottles. Police, adults in the community were searching for her.
Lastly, Zebby, and Amr went looking for Lilly at night. They had the idea of looking for her in the old tree house they went to in their younger days. They both had a flashlight , and sure enough they found Lilly hiding in the tree house. She was alright, but scared.
This novel is easy reading for anyone who likes an adventure, and activities at School that turn out for the best. LRD 9/9

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