Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Elphame's Choice - P.C. Cast

Elphame is leaving her mother, and where she grew up behind. She is heading with her brother and people who want a new start to rebuild MacCallan Castle. After they get to the ruins Elphame feels the power running through them and for the first time can hear the spirits of the earth. Elphame becomes Chieftain and starts to organize the rebuilding of the castle. One day she goes for a jog and falls into a ravine with a wild boar running at her. She is saved by Lochlan, a Fomorian, who has been connected to Elphame since her birth. As the story goes on she falls in love with Lochlan and her brother falls in love with the healer of the clan. When the healer is killed Lochlan and the few of his kind with him reveal what they are to Elphame and the rest of the clan there. This book was ok, and the "dangerous vampires" really aren't in the story much till the last 60 pages or so. I absolutely love the House of the Night Series by Cast, but Elphame's Choice just wasn't as enjoyable as House of the Night. It was more about starting over somewhere new and falling in love more than being under attack/hunted by vampires, or about the vampires themselves.

T.B. 11/18/09

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