Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hold Still By: Nina La Cour

This is a novel concerning tragedy to one teen girl called Caitlan . She misses her best friend Ingrid, who takes her life unexpectedly with no explanation . Most people call it a suicide, so we know what's happening , and are not left with any doubt.
Caitlan is fascinated with photography . She is a very creative teen, so she is occupied with this endeavor. Caitlan all her life wants to build a tree house in her back yard. She accomplishes her dream, and creates her tree house, which she adores. This is a quiet place away from her Mother, and Dad. She also places a Persian rug on the floor of her tree house
Caitlan's parent's are very strict with her. Especially, since Ingrid took her own life. Remember, they were best friends, so they were concerned.
Caitlan was a loner, in High School, but had a big interest in photography. Caitlin had creativity abilities. Caitlan first year without Ingrid she was able to cope, by promoting her abilities to create. Caitlin adjusted to her personal loss, and manages to make new friends. Some are male teen friends. One in particular male friend is called Taylor, who end up becoming close. Caitlan and Taylor spend lots of time together.
This novel is good, and portrays honesty.

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