Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tempted - P.C. Cast

Zoey and her friends, along with the red fledglings, have banished Kalona and Neferet from the Tulsa House of the Night. As they clean up the remnants of the battle so the humans won't be suspicious Stevie Rae finds Rephaim, one of the Ravenmockers, still alive. She nurses him back to health and hides him in the underground tunnels. Zoey and her friends return to the House of the Night only to find that most of the fledgling vampires there are still under the control of Kalona. There are those few fledglings who choose to believe the truth and didn't fall under Kalona's control. Zoey, her friends, and a few of the teachers meet and discuss what to do. After deciphering Zoey's dreams, and Aphrodites visions of Zoey they figure out that Kalona and Neferet are in Italy in front of the Vampire Council, with the help of Jack's Vamp Twitter. Zoey and her friends head to Italy to confront Kalona and Neferet in front of the Vampire Council (hmmm confronting the Vampire Council, now that sounds a little familiar). I won't give a way the end, but it is a cliffhanger and makes you want the next book in the series to find out what happens. The seventh book is called Burned and is coming out in April of 2010.

T.B. 11/11/09

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