Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No More Us For You By: David Hernandez

Isabel is a normal seventeen year old girl still feeling the grief of her boyfriend who had a tragic death one year ago. Carlos is a 17 year old teen, who loves to eat red licorice, and works at Art Museum for some extra money. The two have no connection until Vanessa, who was a transfer student to the High School she brings Isabel and Carlos together. The beauty of this read for me is that the author of the novel is a poet, plus a web designer. This is his second novel so far, which demonstrates his ability to be an author .
This novel creates excitement, and intrigue for the reader, who enjoys different activities that deal with teens. It shows the conflicts that teens have, and how they handle it.
This novel is smooth reading, and not a complicated plot for the reader. It keeps you thinking, and wondering if we acted like the teens do in the novel. The novel I recommend to any teen reader.
LRD 11/25/09

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