Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beautiful Creatures - Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Ethan is a regular high school kid who wants to get away from his small South Carolina town as soon as he's able to. Lena is the new girl who's Uncle is the town shut-in, and lives in the oldest plantation in the town. When Ethan first sees Lena, he recognizes her from his dreams, but she wants nothing to do with him. After nearly running her over in a rain storm Lena starts to let Ethan get close to her. They find a locket near the Ravenwood Plantation, which belongs to Lena's ancestor who lived during the Civil War. As they research Lena's ancestors Ethan learns that Lena is from a who family of Casters, who each have their own power, and on their 16th birthday will either turn Light or Dark. As the months pass by Ethan meets the rest of Lena's family, and because of his association with Lena, Ethan becomes an outcast at school. As February 11th, Lena's birthday, approaches she convinces herself that she will turn Dark. Will she turn Dark, or can Ethan help her choose to turn Light?

I enjoyed this book. With most of the supernatural romance out nowadays it's the human girl falling in love with boy who's immortal, a vampire, or has powers. In Beautiful Creatures it was nice to have the girl have the supernatural powers, and have a human boy be the one falling in love. Don't let the size of the book keep you away. Once you start you'll want to keep reading, and the plot keeps the story moving throughout the whole book. There is a sequel called Beautiful Darkness which will be coming out in October.

T.B. 6/19/10

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