Sunday, June 27, 2010

If I Stay By: Gayle Forman

This novel to me has a few powerful truths that everyone must face in life. Number one is love, meaning family in all circumstances, and choices we all must make. This novel tells about the way some parents change their lives for their children.
Seventeen year old Mia the main character in this story, goes for a car ride with her family in an instant her life changes. Mia is the only survivor of the car accident. Mia tries to rescue her brother Teddy at the car scene. But she cannot revive him. Mia plays the cello very well. Mia in the accident had a collapsed lung, which was very serious. Mia was rushed to the hospital in a helicopter. The Doctors removed her spleen, and she received a blood transfusion she needed.

Before the car accident, Mia had an audition, which was in San Francisco, California to the Julliard School of Music. Mia was smart, and very talented in music, and she made it. Mia planned to attend Julliard School of Music. Now Mia's life has changed due to the car accident. In fact, Mia might have to postpone her college goals. Mia was in intensive care for weeks trying to get better. She was actually in a coma, and could not talk; but could here many voices. Mia heard her grandma, and grandpa talking in her hospital room. Mia's parents died in the accident, and so did Teddy die. Teddy was Mia's younger brother.
I liked the the novel very much, and it was heartbreaking in some sections of the novel. I recommend the novel to any teen.
LRD 6/27/10

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