Saturday, June 26, 2010

Joseph By: Sheila P. Moses

This is a novel about a young teen Joseph Flood who has many trials to handle. The first problem is his Mother, who is addicted to drugs , and alcohol. Joseph's Dad is in the Army fighting in Iraq. So Joseph is bounced, or has to change schools, which is hard on any teen.

The new school is located in North Carolina, where Joseph knows no other teens, and must keep his life a secret. Remember Joseph , and his Mother Betty live in a homeless shelter in North Carolina. By the way, Joseph's Dad tried to get full custody of Joseph when he divorced his wife Betty, who smoked like a chimney, and did hard drugs. Betty was not a good example for any child to be with. She was on food stamps , and hardly bothered about Joseph's needs. By the way , Joseph was fifteen, and made it on the high school tennis team.

The Mother slept around with different partners to have cash available for her drug habit. Betty went to rehabs, but always seem to get out. Joseph's Dad was able to call Joseph on occasion, which was encouraging to Joseph. The big event happened to Joseph . Aunt Shirley, who is a lawyer in the city of Durham, North Carolina offered her house for Joseph and Betty to live. First of all, Betty cannot smoke inside of the house, so she only lasts a few days with the living arrangements. Betty goes off with a male who offers her cash, and drugs. All Joseph's Mother wants is cash to buy her drugs , and cigarettes. The Mother finds herself in her same rut, which she does to herself.

The end of the novel is great for Joseph. And his friends, and family back him up which is his greatest happiness. But then tragedy occurred . Joseph's cousin Jasmine died from gun wounds. The novel is worth the read.
LRD 6/26/10

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