Friday, March 04, 2011

Amigas Fifteen Candles By Veronica Chambers

This is a novel that deals with the "quincianeras" a slightly different way normally planned. The novel takes place in Miami, Florida.

The teens Alicia Cruz, and her three best friends Carmen, Jamie, and Gaz, who is a male, formed a Company called "Amigas." This is a Company that plans "Quincianeras" for fifteen year olds, who want a birthday splash. This Company is run by teens who are "Latinos ."

The teens all attended Coral Gables High School in Florida. The girl's were involved in forming the "Amigas" Company .

The "Amigas" try to plan the location of the event. The music is also gone over for the big event. The event is handled like a pre-wedding reception .

Some fifteen year olds need guidance in choosing her dress, shoes, evening purse. That's what Alicia, Carmen, and Jamie do amongst other details.

I grew up in Latin America, where this tradition was common. I believe it still is done. I have been to many quincianeras in the past, but have never been involved in the actual splendid event. The novel was written well, and I liked the novel very much.
3/4/11 LRD

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