Monday, March 07, 2011

Faithful By: Janet Fox

This is a novel about a sixteen year old called Maggie Bennet whose life seems to be falling apart. Her Mother has disappeared . Maggie's father has dragged her away from their elegant Newport home, to Yellowstone in Montana. Maggie is furious at her father.

When Maggie arrives at Yellowstone, she is attracted to Tom Rowland, the son of a Park geologist. She also loves the wild romantic beauty of Yellowstone. Maggie has to choose between, who she is, and who she wants to be.
Back in Newport, Maggie had a serious boyfriend called Edward who would ask for her hand in marriage in no second flat. Now Maggie is crazy about Tom Rowland in Yellowstone. Maggie is torn with with Tom , and the promises of freedom that captures her heart. Maggie went to a special place to search for what she lost, her Mother. Maggie found a life she did not expect. She discovered love.
The author of this novel prefers the mountains of Montana. Ms. Fox the author, depicts well the surroundings of the mountains in Yellowstone.
To me the novel is real, and very informative about people transporting themselves on wagons.
Another person, Mrs. Gale showed Maggie the techniques of shooting photos of her beautiful surroundings. Mrs. Gale became good friends with Maggie.
The novel is a good read.
LRD 3/7/11

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