Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I Will Save You By:Matt De La Pena

I picked this novel because I grew up by the Pacific Ocean for twenty years in theRepublic of Panama. The cover of the novel attracted my interest. This is a novel about a seventeen year old teen called Kidd Ellison, who leaves his home,and works for the summer at a beach campsite in California, where his handy work, and good looks, attracts friendship, and love. But painful past memories surface in weird ways.

Olivia is a female teen that Kidd is attracted to. She is a blond hair blue eyes girl with a rich Dad. This beach site is near Cardiff, California . Many teens, and adults surf, and hang out on the beach. At night, teens build bonfires, and talk for hours, and grill their food, or whatever.
Devon is a male teen, and plays a role in the novel. Devon is a mean person, and seems to be driven by a death wish. He is Kidd's best friend, and worst enemy. Devon seems to be stalking Kidd. In fact, Devon follows Kidd to the beach Camp site in California. He always is hiding Devon all around , and scares poor Olivia. Devon, and Kidd fight a lot physically. It is not pleasant to watch . There is a cliff near the beach, where Devon pushes Kidd over. Kidd ends up in a critical hospital room, where it seems to be very serious.

The novel is excellent, and I recommend it.

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