Monday, March 07, 2011

Scrawl By:Mark Shulman

This is a novel about how bullies are dealt with in some schools. In this school, most of the delinquents students were given detention. The students remained after school when it was closed for the day. This was punishment in the eyes of the Administration of the school.
The next big happening, or event was vandalism done by the teens. They were punished of course.
I found a quote in the novel that hit a chord with me. "good grades are like motor oil, they keep out the friction. Good grades are like insurance."  (Found on page 71)
I forgot to mention the punishment after school was writing in a journal under the supervision of the school guidance counsellor who was called Mrs. Woodrow. Todd Munn, the teen who was punished had to write his story in the journal.
I was bored with the novel at first, but then became fascinated with pretty much of the aspects of the novel. The novel is worth your while to read



Anonymous said...

Very good review. I would like to read this book after reading your review.

Nijah said...

Hi' I would love to use that quote on an essay I am doing. Do you know what page that quote might be on.?

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