Thursday, April 25, 2013

Drama by Raina Telgemeier

Drama was written by the same author who brought us the highly recognized and popular graphic novel Smile.  Callie is back without her braces but with new troubles.  Its the end of the school year for her middle school.  That means putting on the annual musical play and planning a date for the up coming end of year dance.  Callie is prop master that means she must find things like a cannon for the cast. Its a challenge. Plus, not all the cast members, in particular the lead female are working out well.  But the other drama, who to go to the dance with is even bigger.  Callie has her sights on one certain popular boy who has his sights on a different girl.  The boy who wants to ask Callie to the dance is going almost unnoticed. Many unexpected things happen on the way to performance and the dance.  Mostly they're good, but some things turn out badly, pretty much like real life.  This graphic novel is every bit as good as Smile.  There's lots going on in the beautiful art work so if you read this book be sure to look at it closely.  JDW 4/25/13

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