Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Revolution 19 - Gregg Rosenblum

The bots had been built to protect humanity in times of war.  On August 17, 2051 that all changed when the bots turned on their human creators.  Twenty years later the bots still remain in control.  Nick, Kevin, and Cass have grown up in a community in the woods.  They have been off the radar of the bots until one day when Kevin finds a piece of old technology in the woods and brings it back to camp.  When he is alone it activates bringing the bots to their location.  Nick, Kevin, and Cass escape only to come back to a destroyed and abandoned camp.  They go searching for their parents, which leads them to a city under the control of the bots.  They find the city and enter acting like they belong there.  When they stop for food they witness a bot put down someone who did not pay for their meal.  Nick is wanted for violent rebellion, so Lexi and Amanda help them get away from the dinning place with out being discovered.  They head to Lexi's house where her parents ask what's going on.  Lexi explains who Nick, Kevin, and Cass are and they are searching for their parents.  Mr. Tanner is hesitant, but agrees to give them food and shelter for a few days.  They take a trip into the main part to the city to see where the re-education center is, which is where their parents are probably being held.  They get caught by the bots and escape into a grocery store where the owner helps get them back to Lexi's house.  It is decided that they need to get chip implants to blend in with everyone.  They meet Farryn, Lexi's hacker friend, who agrees to implant them with dummy chips with basic information.  They are told to come back around eleven at night for insertion of the chips.  On the way back to Farryn's they encounter a bot and Nick lets himself get captured so Kevin and Cass can continue looking for their parents. 

I enjoyed this book.  It has a nice mix of science fiction along with action and adventure that all comes together nicely.  It seems like there will be a sequel down the road just with the way the book ended.  I think there is more to the rebellion of the bots than what is widely known to humanity. 


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