Thursday, April 25, 2013

Professor Gargoyle (first of the Tales from Lovecraft #1) by Charles Gilman

So Lovecraft Middle School is a brand new school made of all recycled materials.  Unfortunately some of that recycled material cam from a recently demolished haunted mansion.  And, when the school was built the ghosts and monsters from the former mansion came along.  Now if you are an exceptionally discerning student you might just see the staircase, the library or other parts of the original mansion, that no longer exist.  And, because you can see the old mansion, and its unreal beings you may be called upon to rid the school of the malevolent beings.  And, there is that friendly ghost to get to know better.  Plus, who is that creepy substitute teacher anyway?  This is short, fast, not R.L. Stine but not bad either if you like  your reading on the spooky side.  JDW 4/25/13

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