Thursday, August 08, 2013

Little Girl Gone by Drusilla Campbell

This is an adult book with lots of teen appeal, especially since the three girls in Cleveland escaped from their mentally off kidnapper.
Willis has a mission to keep wayward teen girls safe from being murdered.  To that end, first he takes Madora to an abandoned house in the mountains of Arizona then several years later shows up with a pregnant teen girl he handcuffs and keeps prisoner in a run down trailer behind the house. 
Madora, now in her early twenties was a confused, grieving teen who had lost her father to suicide when Willis took her from a party while she was very drunk.  Madora believes he loves her and she loves him.  But reality appears to be different, she seems a slave to his every wish.  Linda was begging for food at the edge of a highway when Willis picked her up and imprisoned her.  She is very clear eyed as to what kind of a creep Willis is. 
Willis, a high school drop out and a veteran trained as a medic, believes it is his right to be a doctor like his father.  He ekes out a living as a caretaker for elderly folks.  He says they like him and give him gifts. He also works as a sometimes orderly.  He does not allow Madora to work saying she has to care for the tied up Linda. When he takes on another patient, he crosses paths with Django who recently moved in with his aunt after the tragic deaths of his parents. 
Django is determined not to go back to the new school where students rejected him on the first day.  He has seen what a creep Willis is and decides to investigate where he lives.  This brings Django in contact with lonely Madora and a stray pit bull puppy named foo that she cares for and about. 
On a day when nothing goes right for Willis, he loses his temper and beats Madora up.
Django had already put ideas in her head about escaping and setting Linda free.  This is the turning point of the story.  Lives unravel and reassemble rather differently than they were before.  Madora has hope for a future, Django helps her a lot.  He and his aunt forge a friendship.  We do not really know what happens to Linda.  We do know that Willis had had his eyes on yet another teen girl to kidnap but instead is spending time in prison.
I think Jody Picoult fans may like this one.  Its a quick, easy read with a controversial subject that really held my attention.  Absolutely read this!
JDW 8/13

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