Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Text Game by Kate Cann

This book is from a publishing house that generates books which are considered short fiction and at a level accessible to all. This book is only 62 pages and is definitely at a lower reading level, although that doesn't mean it lacks in story.

Mel is dating a boy she believes is out of her league. She simply cannot believe he is that into her. Just when she thinks she can put her insecurities away, she receives a text message implying that her boyfriend is cheating on her. At first she tries to ignore it, but then the texts keep coming. Rather than talking to her boyfriend when it began, she wait a while and tries to find proof. Once she has it, she accuses her boyfriend and destroys their relationship with her lack of trust. Now in a deep depression, Mel wonders if there's anything she can do to make things right.

Since this is short fiction, this book obviously lacks some depth in storytelling that you would find in a novel. That does not mean, though, that it isn't good. The story is definitely something that teens can relate to. The prevalence of technology in the lives of teens is growing and it adds a whole new level of bullying and opportunities to cause trouble in another person's life. The message and theme of the book are definitely important. This book will appeal to teens who struggle with reading but want a good story.

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