Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Sigh by Marjane Satrapi

The Sigh is a story that is very reminiscent of fairy tales and fables. It is about a young woman named Rose who asks her father to bring her the seed of a blue bean. When he fails, she lets out a deep sigh, which conjured a magical being known as The Sigh. The Sigh gives the father the seed, who is so grateful he tells The Sigh  he'd do anything to repay him. A year later, The Sigh returns to collect his debt - he wants Rose. She agrees to go and ends up falling in love with a mysterious man she meets. However, something tragic happens and she begins a journey to make up for her mistakes that caused the tragedy.

This is a really short book - only 56 pages. It's easily read in one sitting. The book is filled with illustrations that help tell the story. Just as fairy tales and fables had a deeper message, this one talks about the fragility of life and other topics, such as a woman's obsession with a man, the need to protect oneself for sadness, and lengths one will go to get what one wants. It is a quick and enjoyable novel with plenty of subtle depth.

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