Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Cannibals: Starring Tiffany Spratt as told to Cynthia Grant

So I think that I am reading a chic lit book. I want to keep up to speed on this "new" genre. But, this is funny, this is over the top. This is a spoof on chic lit, a parody. Tiffany Spratt was an honor student and cheerleeader, seriously dating Wally apparently also a level headed type. Then, Tiffany falls for Campbell new hottie student. Wally gets into trouble, is sent to a boot camp which he runs from only to get lost in a jungle among savage freeing Tiffany to go for Campbell. Tiffany gets a great idea for a tee-shirt for her best girl friends, it has the word cannibals across the front and though it was supposed to be only for her specially selected people, its copied by all kinds of kids at school much to her annoyance. Tiffany becomes determined to get Campbell to escort both to the graduation festivities and down the runway at a fashion show she is modelling in - and pleased to be doing so. And, a movie SCREAM BLOODY MURDER is being filmed at the school, Tiffany has the biggest non-starring role. The star is not a nice person. The swimming pool is dyed blood red so the swim team cannot practice, Campbell is on the team and not happy. Tiffany is on the Larry Singer show with the starr (think Jerry Springer) with unfortunate results. She looses her best friend, too busy to pay attention to her. Campbell is disgusted with her, all she can talk about is the movie, the fashion show, the graduation party, herself. Her grades fall, she forgets to apply to colleges by the deadlines, the movie is cancelled due to overwhelming problems and Wally shows up bare chested, tattoo's carved in his cheeks expecting her to still be in love with him! In short her life is a total mess. Its fun to read how Tiffany pays the consequences for the disaster she has created and gets herself back on the right track. JDW

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