Friday, January 05, 2007

Wild Orchid by Brenna

This takes place in Canada. It explores the life a a girl with Asperger Syndrome, a high functioning form of autism. Taylor has a growing sense of independence that shows during her summer away from home in her blue room, she hates the color yellow. She has anger control issues that in her words make her iq drop to about 40 if she can's get it under control. She doesn't understand slangy speech, only direct statements make sense. She wants a boyfriend, a job and more independence this summer. She does things in sevens to keep herself centered, like walking the beach 7 times and saying things using 7 words. Taylor discovers an interest in biology, orchids, animals and frequently visits a nearby nature center where she finds herself well accepted. When a staff member quits she finds herself with her first job, a job she is well suited for, unlike the cooking her over controlling mother wants her to do. Although she fails to find a real long term boyfriend, the friendships she does make show her there is hope...And she has plans for herself when she returns home, realistic plans, plans she refuses to let her mother interfere with. Asperger is fairly common. We all have probably met someone who deals with this, who just doesn't fit in, just doesn't get how to. This is a chance to see into the life of someone with asperger and grow to understand a little better perhaps.

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