Thursday, January 18, 2007

You Can't ReadThis By: Val Ross

This novel is a Non-Fiction book, which is very informative. To me, it informs us about the history of reading. It also tells us about lots of people who are denied the opportunity of reading. Writting has always been powerfull over the ages, but reading unlocks the power. I know as a young teen, lights were out at 8:30pm., but my flashlight was used under the covers, so to finish my mystery.

This novel is about the decoding of ancient language, and censorship from ancient Rome to modern America.

One example of a fantastic library was in Alexandria, Greece that was destroyed many times. Another person was the Chinese Enperor Dhi Huang-di was a great book burner in the second century B.C. In the 1500's in Mexico, Bishop Landa burned hundreds of books of the Maya people. The Bishop's excuse was that the books were filled with superstitious, and devil's falsehoods.

Baghdad was a cultural capital like New York, or Paris, and it was completely destroyed in 1258. Bagdad was the seat of learning, and art, but nothing was saved.

It is hard to believe that writters had to hide, and books were concealed. Many people were not given the opportunity to read. It was usually, the well to do, and educated people who were the readers.

This book is well written, and to the point about lost writting. This is a good read.

LRD 1/18/07

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