Friday, January 12, 2007

St. Iggy by K.L. Going

Iggy Corso, he skipps class alot, he's late to school every day, and he's been suspended many times from school. His father is a drunk and a drug addict, his mom is also a drug addict and is gone most of the time. A few days before Christmas he gets suspended from school and there will be a hearing in a few days to see if Iggy is to be kicked out permanently. Iggy decides to do something with his life and he goes to see his friend Mo. They then go and visit Mo's mother who is overjoyed that Mo has come back to visit and brought a friend. After Iggy talks to Mo's mother he realizes that he can do something with his life, he can change it. He doesn't have to be into drugs like his parents and not care about anything. It doesn't matter what his parents have done or how they are its what he does that matters, and that is the most important lesson of living.


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