Monday, January 15, 2007

The Throwaway Piece By: JoAnn Yolanda Hernandez

The main character throughout this novel is Jewel, who is a teen who goes through many traumas. We get to know, and understand her personality by reading this book. Sometimes things happen very unexpectantly that one has to finish the book in order to understand the reason for it to occur.

Jewel is entered into foster care system, because her Mother cannot take care of her. Jewel gets a family by the name of Elkins that has three other foster childrren.

Jewel has so many problems, and a major one is she was raped. I believe she was not loved by her Mother enough. Jewel becase of her problems, became an intovert, and did not make friends easily. Jewel never understood what the word friends really meant till the end of the book.

This book is really detailed, but worthwhile reading. Many lessons of life to learn.

LRD 1/15/07

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