Monday, March 12, 2007

Daughter of the Ganges By: Asha Miro

This is a novel, or memoir about Asha about growing up in an Indian orphanage. Asha lived in Northern India till she was six years old. She then became adopted by a Spanish couple from Barcelona, Spain. Asha then learned the language Catalan, which was the dominant language spoken in Barcelona.

Then twenty years later Asha returns to India to find out more details about her childhood. She (Asha) finds out she was born in a rural village, and finds she has a sister she never knew she had. Asha goes to the town where she began her childhood in a small town called Nasik. Not only does Nasha discover truths about herself, but finds unbelievable suffering of her people in the homeland. Asha finds that her Mother died at chilbirth, and her Father could not manage Asha, so he gave the child his daughter to the Nun Convent when she was a baby. Asha lived in the Convent for six years before she was adopted by the Catalan couple. I myself have an adopted cousin, so I know what it is like to be "chosen" as my cousin says. Adopted is not used. My cousin also searched for her real Mother before she was married. She my cousin was not to happy with what she found.
This novel also takes into consideration the adoption, but the need of modern facilities like Schools, Health Clinics, and even electricity.
I recommend this book to anyone who would care to learn about another country(India) that has many possiblities to progress.

LRD 3/12/07

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