Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tattoo by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Delia, Annabelle, Bailey, and Zo are four friends who like to hang out at eachother's house's and sleep over on friday and saturday. They normally go to the mall, well its more Delia giving fashion advice to the rest of them. They go shopping for dresses for the upcoming dance on monday and they stop by a vendor cart that is in the mall and they each buy something and Bailey gets temporary tattoo's. They each put one on and Bailey starts hearing voices saying "To fight, to live" and "We two of three bestow this gift." It isnt until the night when Bailey starts having dreams about two people Adea and Valgius that she realizes something isn't right about these tattoos. Each one of them gets a power. Bailey can start fires, Annabelle can enter people's minds, Delia can transmogrify objects, and Zo can forsee future events. Bailey's dreams help them uncover what they are destined to do. They are to stop Alecca who betrayed Adea and Valgius a long time ago. They enlist the help of a lingist professor to help them decipher what the tattoo's mean. They also meet up with the vender that sold Bailey the tattoos and she explains as much as she can to them. When it comes down to the final battle it happens to be in their school gym where the seal is located, and on the day of the dance. After the battle is won the tattoos fade away later that night except for Bailey's. She is a decendant of Adea and Valgus and has become the third fate after defeating Alecca.

A fast moving novel that blends mythology with todays world and also reminding us that sometimes we are destined for something else even if we think that we're not ready for it.


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