Monday, March 12, 2007

The Secrets of Peaches By: Jodi Lynn Anderson

This is a novel about 3 girls who one summer live close to a peach orchard. The young girls are Murphy, Leeda, & Birdie. The girls encounter different problems with their lifes. The girls become close friends in the summer. They encounter emotional feelings when all the girls go to different Colleges. I believe two girls go to NYU. Murphy tells everyone she is going to a community college which is not the truth. Throughout the novel we see the girls handling the boys . Each girl tackles the boy relationship differently . The novel is pretty detailed about all the events taking place.

Frankly, this novel for the first 100 pages for me went super slowly, and very tedious to read. After I got through these pages, I was curious as to what the plot would unravel. This novel turned out to be very good, and a lesson well learned. I t dealt with the power of friendship, and how important it plays in each individual 's life.
LRD 3/12/07

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