Friday, March 16, 2007

My Life and Death by Alexandra Canarsie author: O'Keefe

Alexandra saw murder where there was none. A teenage boy drowned in a pond. A kid who could swim, had won medals swimming, hated swimming, had drowned. It didn't make sense.
She had never met the kid yet she claimed she knew him, was friends with him. Alexandra accused the school bully, the victim's best friend, his father, a teacher and then went after them. She was angry at the world and cruel. She got cruel back. She never asked the right questions, the obvious ones, not of the father, the teacher, Dennis, the boy's friend and now her only friend. She creates versions of others lives only to have her creations shattered by the truth. I guess the questions aren't asked because she already suspects the answers. I guess her anger at the loss of her virtually unknown father and her mother's reluctance to talk is the source of her intense anger and her campaign to find a murder where there is none. When someone she has reluctantly begun to care about because of his persistence in caring about her is almost killed because of her scheming to name a killer, she grows to understand her behavior somewhat and appreciat somewhat the people who care about her. JDW 3/16/07

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