Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My Father, The Angel of Death by Ray Villareal

Jesse has moved around quite a bit in the last 12 years because his father is known as the wrestler the Angel of Death for the ACW wrestling promotion. They have recently moved back to San Antonio, Texas, because thats where his parents are from and Jesse's grandparents live there also. Jesse hopes that things will be different for him in school, because before once the kids knew that his father was The Angel of Death, it would be all about Jesse's father not him. Shortly after he starts school, the kids find out that his father is the Angel of Death, and some of the kids try to see if they can meet him. Even one of his teachers tries to arrange for The Angel of Death to come and speak at the school to make up for Jesse's bad grade on a test. Then on the weekend before a huge pay-per-view Jessie, his mother and father, and grandparents go to visit the Alamo. All is good until a few other people recognize Jesse's father and then it becomes all about his father. He wonders if his parents will separate like they did before. His father assures him that him and his mother are not separating. Jesse's father then invites Jesse and his mom to come with him, and be there live at the Final Stand PPV in Madison Square Garden in New York City. Before the PPV he gets to spend time with his father, something that he hasn't had much of. During the Angel of Death's match he is injured and realizes that it is time to hang up the wresling boots and be with his family.

A very good book that captures the strain on a family that has a famous wrestler as a husband and a father.


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