Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Can't Stop The Shine By: Joyce E. Davis

This is an Urban Literature book that I find a worthwhile read. This is a story of two sisters who are close to each other, even in competition. One sister is called Kalia, and the other sister is Mariama. Throughout the book we see fights between them, and how they cope with different situations they encounter. As you read along, one thinks it is the end of the world.

Of course their are boyfriend issues for both sisters. We also learn about the sisters' Mom and Dad having marital problems. We note that because the Dad is sleeping in the guest room

This is a novel about problems, and concerns of black teens, but also can be the same issues of white anglo saxon teens. The book is written with realism, and wit. I feel it is a must read for any teen of any race.

LRD May 8/07

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