Thursday, May 31, 2007

Saving Grace - Katherine Spencer

Grace lost her brother in a car accident over the summer and since his death her father has taken refuge in his study and her mother is either at church or sitting in front of the TV. As the school year begins Grace dreads going to school because everyone will be talking about the accident that killed her brother. Her friends try not to mention him, and they give her a drawing book and pencils in hopes that she will start drawing again. On the way out of the cafeteria Grace runs into the new girl Philomena right near the popular table. After the confrontation Dana, one of the poplar kids, asks Grace to join her and her friends after school at Dana's house. While she is there Grace has her first taste of alcohol and she makes out with Dana's brother Dylan. As the weeks progress Grace stops hanging out with Rebecca, Sara, and Andy and hangs out with Dana, Dylan and the rest of the popular crowd. She also starts skipping class and skipping out on her teachers who have approached her about extra help with her grades. Also, each time Grace is out with her new friends she runs in to Philomena, who in a way is like Grace's conscience. One night Grace and her friends are at the store where Matt was heading when he had his accient and Grace has a nervous breakdown and trashes the store. She runs out onto the turnpike and is asking God to take her because she can't deal with the pain of not having her brother is to much for her to bear. Then Philomena is driving on the turnpike and stops to get Grace and take her home. With Philomena's help Grace will start to recover and mend the broken fences with Rebecca, Sara, and Andy.
T.B. 5/31/07

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