Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Traitor By: Gudrun Pausewang

This is a very exciting novel that could very likely happen. This is a story that could of taken during the Russian invasion in Germany. There were many underlying events happening in the small town of Stiemitz, Germany. This story evolves around a family who is well connected. The Mother's brother Uncle Franz was the mayor of Stiemitz.

Anna is the daughter, and main character of this story. Anna loved to write poetry whenever she could. Anna had a brother Seff, who was a soldier in the German military. Anna was the person who found the Russian soldier hiding in the barn next to their home.

Anna had another brother who lived at home, but worked. The brother's name was Felix. Anna's Mother owned an Inn in the town of Stiegnitz, Germany. Anna all night thought of the Russian soldier, and where he would hide. Anna thought of the bunker, where no one ever visited. She had to think of all what this emplied with harboring a Russian soldier. Anna suppliedthe soldier with clothes, and food.

In the end, the War was over, and the Russian soldier survived the cold, damp bunker, and no one knew about the Russian soldier secluded in the bunker. Anna's worries were over.

I definitely reccomend this book with all the adventures Anna went through.

LRD 5/9/07

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