Sunday, May 20, 2007

Confessions by Kate Brian

Confessions is the fourth novel in Kate Brian's Private series. In this one, Reed Brennan struggles to find out who killed her boyfriend Thomas. The novel begins with her new love, Josh, being arrested for the murder. Reed is certain he's innocent, so she finds his alibi and proves he's not the killer. In the meantime, she finds herself drifting farther apart from her Billings friends who have Josh convicted and just want Reed to get over herself and have a little fun. Once Josh is freed, she still struggles to fit in as it seems her whole world is turned upside down, especially once the true killer is revealed.

This a a good novel, although it would have been helpful to read the first three Private novels. Without knowing that this is a part of a series, it feels like there are too many characters that all blend together and the background of Thomas' murder is left out. I'm sure, though, that all of that is sorted out in the previous novel, which just goes to prove that some series need to be read in order. The missing pieces, though, weren't enough to prevent this novel from being enjoyable. The main characters separated themselves from the pack with their distinct personalities and it was easy to relate to Reed and sympathize with her struggle to find her niche. My only real problem with this novel is the affect it might have on impressionable young girls. These are high society who thrive on drinking (getting drunk), being promiscuous, and having life handed to them on a silver platter. While I understand that girls in private board schools do live that way, I do not feel that it should be flaunted in literature. I was grateful, though that this book had a little bit more substance to it than the lifestyle of the rich and fabulous. The murder mystery made this novel into more than a snap shot of these over-privileged girls, and, therefore, made it more interesting. While I was unhappy about the drinking in the novel, the girls' sex lives were not really explored, which was a little reassuring. Sex and alcohol might have pushed it over the edge. This novel has peaked my interest in the other Private novels and I just hope the others have as much substance as this one.

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