Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Drawing the Ocean by MacCullough

Sadie and her parents move from California to the East Coast where Sadie must find all new friends and learn to fit in. The first person she meets is Ryan, biggest freak in the class since middle school. They share a common interest in the arts, drawing, painting, poetry. When she meets Lila, actress to be and more popular by far than the outcast Ryan, its easy to like her, fit in with her group and even aquire a popular athelete as a boyfriend and ignore Ryan. But, the group is interested in partying and more serious Ryan is more to Sadie's liking. So, they keep meeting, quietly, Sadie trying not to be noticed. Things come to a head when boyfriend's athlete friends steal Ryan's car and cover it in shaving cream. Sadie has to decide whether her new friends are really worth it or not...the ending has a nice twist that readers are sure to like. The title comes from the fact of Sadie drawing the ocean every day in rememberance of her dead brother who drowned in the ocean many years ago, but who still appears to Sadie and helps her think through her decisions.

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