Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Black Sheep By: Yvonne Collins & Sandy Rideout

I was curious about the title of this book, because in the late 1960's , & 70's there was a popular T.V. show that teens, and adults watched. This novel turned out to be a subject that was very pertinent to teenagers of today, and how they face everyday problems.

Kendra Bishop the main female teen, (15 yrs. old) is fed up with her parent's strict rules, and she feels the rules are very rigid, and old fashion. Then Kendra has courage and writes to a T.V. show called The Black Sheep, which is a reality show that exchanges families. Kendra is then exchanged to Monterrey, California to the Mulligan family. This family is a hippie clan with 5 children and a ferret that is their pet. Kendra falls for the oldest son who is 17 called Mitch. Kendra, and Mitch begin to do adventures that Kendra has never done. In the first place Kendra does not swim, but Mitch insists on going on Kayak's to see some otters. Kayaks are for 1 person, so Kendra is scared she will tip over in the kayak . She eventually tips, but is saved by Mitch. Many adventures occur between Mitch & Kendra. Mitch works in an aquarium with animals Kendra has never seen. Kendra meets teens, friends of Mitch that are environmentalist.

Kendra goes with Mitch to an all night protest re: environment, which leads to the group into trouble, and the teens end up in jail. There are more encounters, but you should read the book to find out.

I liked the novel very much, and it was similar to some of my teen events.

LRD 9/25/07

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