Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Will the Real Raisin Rodriguez Please Stand Up? by Judy Goldschmidt

This is the third Raisin Rodriguez book. While I have not read the other two books, this one was still enjoyable. There are a few moments where a little background knowledge would be helpful but that's to be expected. (I still haven't fully figured out who Samantha is - possibly a step sister?)

In the novel Raisin is excited about her new boyfriend - CJ - but she's still trying to figure out what having a boyfriend means. Just as things might be getting juicy for her and CJ, she has to go across the country to visit her father (her parents are divorced) for the holiday. One good thing about the trip (besides seeing her father) is reconnecting with her two best friends. *Note: this book is a blog written by Raisin to her friends in Berkley. When she's visiting them, she creates a new blog for her friends in Philadelphia, detailing her trip.* Her trip is all wrong, though. Her dad has a new identity, a new friend who just happens to be a girl, and her best friends have replaced her with Vivvy who Raisin feels is stealing her life. At the same time, CJ is nothing more than a clueless boyfriend, unable to sense his girlfriend's distress, and Raisin finds an unexpected ally in her friend's ex-boyfriend. Just as some things begin to fall into place, others fall and chaos ensues.

This was an enjoyable and light read. The blog style flows nicely and Raisin has a great personality. She may be a little clueless on certain things, but that's just a part of her charm. That's not to say those things are a little obvious for the reader, but where's the drama if she figured everything out the first time around? Seeing as this is the third book, I imagine the first two are just as good (or maybe that's too bold of an assumption...) Whatever the case may be, this was a nice read.

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