Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Las 6 Decisiones mas Importantes de Tu Vida Por: Sean Covey

The 6 most important decisions in life for teens are according to this book.
1. School, have you planned your education.
2. Friends, what kind of friends have you choosen, and what kind of friend are you ?
3. Parents, are you going to get along with your son and daughter's friends?
4. Relationships boy meets girl; who will you date? What have you considered about sex?
5. Addictions what will you do about smoking, drinking, and taking drugs. What about other addictions like gambling?
6. Our own values : Will you be able to love yourself, and still put up with stress, and pressure as a teen .

This book in my opinion seems to be a great manuel for teens to follow it it is for anyone to use that wants to.

Life could be short for each person depending on the indivdual; so we all should think and plan our lives.

When you are dating at the beginning as a teen, you should go out in pairs or groups. Only go outwith people that have good reputations. Avoid uncompromising situations like waiting alone in a parking lot, babysitting with your boyfriend where the adults are not home in the childrens' home.

This is a survey given to teens in 2007. What would you change with your body?Being better looking, better student, Have more confidence in myself, be a better athlete, Have a boyfriend/girlfriend, Be more popular, I will work harder, Never loose your hope.

Our decisions in life determines who we are. Please elect well in your life. Read only what will makes you stand out, and shine.

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