Friday, September 21, 2007

Choices - Deborah Lynn Jacobs

Kathleen goes to a party with her best friend Jen. She calls her brother to pick her and Jen up because Jen is passed out and Kathleen doesnt know how to drive. While she is waiting for Nick to pick them up the cops show up looking for Kathleen and they tell her that Nick has been killed in a car accident. On the second night of the wake Kathleen is surprised when Jen shows up because Kathleen remembers ignoring Jen when she came over. She also meets Luke who says he went to school with Nick. As the days go by she remembers 2 different sets of memories. She also gets closer with Luke who turns out can travel between parallel universes, like she has been doing. At certain decisions Kathleen makes has a different outcome in the other universes. At one point she can go between 5 different parallel universes, and retaining the memories of the others. She finally decides that she wants to find a universe where her brother is still alive. Luke says not to, but she does it anyways. After a few months in that universe she decides to go back to the original one she was from.
An interesting look at how the choices we make affect everyone and everything around us. We as people look at what if we do this instead of this, or should I go out with this person or choose someone else. Who knows there could be parallel universes out there where the choice we didn't make happened, and that lead to a chain of events that we did not experience in this universe.

T.B. 9/21/07

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