Saturday, April 12, 2008

Chanda's Secrets By: Allan Stratton

This is a terrific, but horrible novel in a way, that makes the reader aware of the way AIDS is rampant in may parts of Africa . Its numbers are increasing daily. This novel is not based on one particular nation in Africa .

The main character of the novel is sixteen year old Chanda . She carries many burdens in her heart. People she loves, are dying around her, and she knows the reason. Some people in the village call it a curse, but it is the deadly disease we know as AIDS.

Chanda is a teenage girl who loves school, and actually dreams of winning a scholarship to continue. Chanda is a teen living the truth. Chanda's Mother is missing, and Chanda decides to look for her. Chanda knows her Mother strayed to die peacefullyclose to her family who also have aids.

This is a novel that can teach us all a moral if we want. There are people with Aids all around even in the United States, and Canada. We need to be aware of the help even for teens.

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